Past Event: 9th Annual International Day of Forgiveness: “IN THIS MOMENT…FORGIVE”

Supreme Esteem, Inc.
9th Annual International Day of Forgiveness
Monday, February 14, 2011, Valentines’ Day

Ms. Jacqueline Hazél, founder of Supreme Esteem, Inc. is a motivational speaker who conducts lectures and workshops on self-esteem, drug abuse, and professional/staff development. She is a veteran educator and forgiveness is her niche. Ms. Hazél’s first International Day of Forgiveness was launched in 2003. Ms. Hazél states that due to “pains of the past,” she realized that people were not living life to the fullest. As a result of this realization, she is passionate about making sure that every individual has an opportunity to “let go of the past and live in this now moment.”

Ms. Hazél has authored a 30-day Forgiveness Journal and produced a Forgiveness CD. Under the auspices of Supreme Esteem, Inc., she organizes forgiveness retreats where she not only provides participants with forgiveness tools but also offers them an opportunity to broaden their knowledge about other cultures by traveling to other countries. The 2011, “Paving the Way to Forgiveness Retreat” will be held in the country of China!

In a spirit of peace, harmony, and diversity, all over the world, we are invited to join Ms. Hazél in having a “forgiveness experience.” Expect your life to change, as you avail yourself in this awesome encounter!


Monday, February 14, 2011, Valentines’ Day

1. Be willing to forgive yourself and/or someone else.

2. Take someone out to breakfast, lunch, or dinner and have a “forgiveness moment.”

3. Write on a sheet of paper or index card what you are willing to forgive yourself and/or others for. Then, shred the paper in a paper shredder or tear it in little pieces, symbolizing that you are free from allowing “pains of the past” to hinder you from enjoying life to the fullest!

4. If the person you want to forgive is deceased or in order to avoid confrontation, write a “forgiveness letter.” I suggest you include in the letter the statement: “I forgive you and lovingly release you to your highest good. I am free and you are free!” DO NOT MAIL THE LETTER. Shred the letter or tear it in little pieces, again symbolizing that you are free from allowing “pains of the past” to hinder you from enjoying life to the fullest!

5. If you have deep-seeded feelings about the incident, that don’t seem to go away, I suggest you seek professional counseling.

6. If you are in the South Florida area, we invite you to experience “In This Moment…Forgive” at The Universal Truth Center for Better Living, 21310 NW 37 Ave., Miami Gardens, Fl 33056, at 12:00noon. For more information, contact Supreme Esteem, Inc. Headquarters at

954-392-3762 (ph), 954-392-3760 (fax), 305-801-8100 (cell), or e-mail: j_hazel@bellsouth.net


Past Event: 9th Annual Forgiveness Retreat in China: Paving the Way to Forgiveness

SUPREME ESTEEM, INC. Presents the 9th Annual Forgiveness Retreat

A Vacation in Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, and along the Yangtze River on a 3-Day Cruise!

Supreme Esteem, Inc. is an inspirational, motivational resource, dedicated to helping people reach their highest potential. Its president, Ms. Jacqueline Hazél is an experienced educator in the human relations field. She is an author, counselor, producer, speaker, and teacher extraordinaire! Realizing wholeness through the power of forgiveness is a mission for Ms. Hazél. Once and for all release the negative thoughts and feelings that are attached to the past and cause stagnation in your life.

Participate in this retreat and be energized, empowered, and revitalized!

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