Past Event: Forgiveness Retreat in Sedona, Arizona

Past Event
Friday March 26, – Tuesday March 30, 2010
Forgiveness Retreat In beautiful Sedona, Arizona

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USA WEEKEND SELECTED SEDONA THE NO. 1 MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE IN AMERICA! “It is said that in Sedona, beauty awakens spirit and the synergism thus created gives rise to heightened awareness and enhanced appreciation for life.” What better place to explore and practice the healing power of forgiveness and the ancient arts of TaiChi and Qigong.

Join “The Forgiveness Coach,” Ms. Jacqueline Hazél, president of Supreme Esteem, Inc., author, producer, counselor, speaker and teacher extraordinaire for the ultimate forgiveness experience “HEALING THROUGH FORGIVING!” Every time we hold a grudge, or play the victim role, we have given our power away to situations involving people, places, and organizations. Forgiveness is for your sake. TAKE YOUR POWER BACK, NOW! Learn why, what and how to forgive.

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