Supreme Esteem Workshop and Speaking Engagement Topics

Can We Talk
Teenagers: Drugs, Sex & Self Esteem

Commitment or Promise
Priorities / Stress Reduction / Time Management

Today’s stress is usually attributed to one being “over-committed.” We say that we are over-committed to family, friends and work. Is that the “real” truth? Are we over-committed or over-promised? Discover the difference and reduce stress. Learn to prioritize according to allotted time, demonstrated ability and personal goals.

Empowering the Enabler
Drug Abuse

Churches, neighborhoods, schools, as well as other living environments harbor drug abusers. The drug abuse crisis crosses all races, religions and economic strata. No one is excluded from the possibility of having his or her life affected neither by the disease nor from the diseased. Its hard admitting that a love one or friend has a drug problem but the first step to recovery is recognition. Get support from those in like situations in breaking the cycle of cover-up, guilt and pain.

The Executive Suite
Business & Corporate Agenda

Professional Ethics is a heavily discussed item on most corporate agendas. Hiring good employees is not the problem; keeping them motivated and producing on an efficient and consistent level can be challenging. Self-esteem, teamwork and company appreciation are key factors in producing a “FIVE-STAR” working relationship. Explore how these factors and others can keep your company at the top of the corporate scale.

Family Fusion
Family Interaction

Family units, as a whole, are suffering today. It’s a struggle to sit and have dinner together. A big production results in an effort to make decisions as a family. At times, the communication lines between family members can be described as “children are from Venus, parents are from Mars, and other family members are from another planet all together different.” Experience family cohesiveness without creating a World War! Join other family units in learning how to achieve this goal.

Finding your Purpose
Career Choices

Isn’t life great ….. until you start thinking about your job ? What a wonderful vacation ….. then thoughts of unfinished reports and unlikable people start creeping in? MAKE A CHANGE. Going to a job because its comfortable, pays well, and has excellent retirement benefits are not reasons for becoming an office fixture especially if youre not happy. Learn how to FIND YOUR NICHE IN LIFE !

Grow-Up, get Over It!
Forgiveness Issues

All of us have, somewhere in our memory banks, thoughts of unpleasant experiences about ourselves, other people and/or situations, which we have not forgotten. These unpleasant memories cause disruption in the family, grudges between friends and mistrust among business associates.

IT’S TIME TO LET GO! An unforgiving heart can causes stagnation in life. We can not progress efficiently holding on to the past. It is in LETTING GO that we free others and more importantly free ourselves.

Through this unique experience learn how to FORGIVE AND FORGET – FREE YOURSELF NOW!

Millennium Leaders
Leadership Skills

We can no longer wait for someone else to do it for us nor can we wait until times get better or when the political climate changes. Taking responsibility for ourselves is the first step toward personal success. Why settle for a piece of the pie when you can have the whole pie?

Victim (?) Victorious
Conquering Sexual Harassment

Men and women, but especially women on all levels of employment and in all ethnic groups can face sexual harassment on a daily basis. This violation can be at the hand of a co-worker and/or supervisor. Very few claims of sexual harassment are made due to FEAR. Fear of employment loss, lack of support, and emotional/physical stress.